Project SMS  

Simple yet powerful software to send SMS/Text messages to multiple numbers trough mobile phone, with simple click of a button.

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  • Receiving numbers can be loaded one by one or entire series can be entered by just specifying the starting and end number. No limit on numbers.
  • Ability to save and load Mobile numbers to file for later usage.
  • Mobile phone can be connected to PC using Infrared, Bluetooth or Data Cable.
  • Sending speed of number of messages per minute depend on the speed of network that u are using.
  • Work with any mobile phone that can accept AT commands. (All mobile phones that, when connected to a PC, installs as a modem).
  • Ability to verify and check for closed and unused numbers when sending messages.
  • Keep count of successfully sent messages.
  • Ability to wait, in case network is busy and resume sending when network is available.
  • Messages sent per minute speed can be adjusted.
  • Ability to pause sending and resume afterwards.


Limitations of Demo Version:

  1. No of messages sent at a time are restricted to 100.
  1. Software usage is restricted to 20 runs.